Buxton Rental Provider Services

Buxton provides the highest standard of professional property management to give you all the benefits of property investment, without the stress

Careful renter selection

Getting the right renter into your property can minimise renter changes (and resulting vacancy periods), eliminate rent payment issues, and keep your property in the very best condition.
Subsequently, we take great care with renter selection – seeking those with a strong rental history, and stable, secure employment.

All renters are required to complete a detailed application form and a face-to-face interview, and they must also supply recent, credible references. We screen and verify the accuracy of the information they have provided, via stringent background, reference, and employment/business checks, along with applying practiced industry insight, to establish an appropriate renter shortlist.

If requested, we also carry out a search of the National Tenancy Database and Credit Reference Association of Australia.

We will also ensure that the prospective renter acknowledges their responsibilities, and will take proper care of your property – safeguarding your valuable asset.

Only the most suitable renters are ever recommended, and of course we will always consult you – and seek your authority – prior to placing a renter in your property (unless you request otherwise).

Document preparation

Buxton can handle all the necessary paperwork and pre-rental logistics necessary to ensure new renters make a smooth transition into your property. We can:

  • Prepare approved rental agreement documents
  • Prepare any special conditions pertinent to the property
  • Complete a detailed condition report of the property, including the condition of all rooms and fixtures, before the renter moves in
  • Provide the renter with a link to the Consumer Affairs rental guide, which explains the rights and responsibilities of both renters and rental providers
  • Supply an information pack to the renter regarding your property, which clearly outlines the renter’s responsibilities
  • Collect the bond and complete the Bond Lodgement form, as required by the Residential Tenancies Bond Authority
  • Provide the renter with details of how to set up utility connections, to ensure usage charges are billed to the renter correctly..


Routine inspections are carried out at regular intervals to ensure that the property is being cared for appropriately, and to check if any maintenance is required. We then provide you with updated inspection and progress reports on the rental agreement.

Rent collection, statements and arrears

Buxton collects rent on a monthly basis unless otherwise negotiated. A fully itemised statement is forwarded to you each month and an annual statement is provided at the end of each financial year. Copies of maintenance invoices are also provided for your income tax records and we automatically credit the monthly rental into a nominated bank account.

Our property managers make a daily check of arrears, and once a renter is a number of days in arrears, they are contacted to arrange payment. If payment is not received with the week, the renter will receive a warning that a final notice will be served if they do not meet their legally binding rental obligations. Should rent still be not be forthcoming, we will work to recover payments in accordance with the requirements of the relevant legislation, which can include an application to the Victorian Civil Appeals Tribunal (VCAT).

Thanks to Buxton’s thorough renter selection and payment processes, we experience very few problems with non-paying renters.

Repairs and maintenance

We listen to how you would like us to manage your property and arrange maintenance accordingly. In the case of non-urgent maintenance, we will either refer all matters to you before taking action, or organise the required repairs on your behalf up to an agreed cost.

Under the Residential Tenancies Act, certain repairs are considered to be of such a serious nature that action must be taken immediately. The limit for these urgent repairs is $2500. Should such a situation arise, we will make all reasonable attempts to contact you. However, if we cannot reach you, we will arrange necessary repairs up to this cost limit.

We have a full range of tradespeople available who have been providing quality, reliable service to us for many years. All are qualified, professional and covered by the appropriate insurance. If there are tradespeople that you would prefer to use, we are happy to record their details and contact them when required.

Vacating renters

If your renter is vacating, we will:

  • Provide them with a cleaning guide, as well as a list of recommended cleaners and steam cleaners, to ensure a hassle-free exit for all concerned
  • Liaise with the vacating renters to co-ordinate inspections for prospective renters
  • Conduct a final inspection and review the condition report that was completed at the start of the rental agreement, to ensure the property is left as it was found, with the exception of fair wear and tear
  • Inspect the property thoroughly, report on its condition, and recommend if any work is required prior to re-letting, to ensure your property is maintained
  • Organise for the bond to be returned to the renter in accordance with the Residential Tenancies Act.

Ongoing expenses

To save you time and inconvenience, you can arrange for Buxton to pay the following expenses on your behalf from your monthly rental income:

  • Council rates
  • Water rates
  • Body corporate levies
  • Insurance premiums
  • Any other property-related charges.

Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT)

While we work hard to resolve any dispute that might arise between a rental provider and renter, occasionally an application to VCAT might be required. In the event of a dispute we can:

  • Apply to VCAT for resolution
  • Attend any tribunal hearing on your behalf to present the case.

A member of VCAT will hear the case and make a binding decision based on the evidence presented.


We recommend all rental providers take out property insurance to cover the building, and its fixtures and fittings. In addition, we suggest you look into public liability and rental provider insurance, the latter of which can help protect you against loss of rent and renter-related damage to your property. Buxton property managers can provide a list of insurance specialists.


Buxton manages thousands of rental properties, and completes scores of rental property appraisals every week, giving us an exceptional knowledge of rental prices in our operating regions – enabling us to recommend the best possible rental rates for our rental providers.

Certified valuations and market appraisals can also be arranged for dispute resolution, family law property settlement, refinancing, probate or for accounting purposes.

Advertising and marketing

At Buxton, we understand that while your rental property is vacant, it is not earning you an income. Thankfully, our advanced marketing and advertising strategies, and extensive multi-office network, will ensure your property is leased to an excellent renter – and generating the maximum rental income – as quickly as possible.

Our goal is to lease your property at the maximum possible rent, to the most appropriate renter, in the shortest possible time. To achieve this aim, we will build an effective marketing campaign using an array of proven and effective marketing channels, which include:

MY Buxton: Our innovative MY Buxton email and SMS property-notification service targets the right renter for your property by instantly matching renters in our extensive database.
Internet: To ensure your property receives the best possible online exposure, it will be listed on buxton.com.au and the leading real estate portals, including:

  • domain.com.au
  • reviewproperty.com.au
  • realestate.com.au
  • view.com.au

Your web listing will include a detailed property description and photographs.

Rental list

Your property information - including a photograph - will be included on our rental lists, which are available at Buxton offices right across our extensive multi-office network.

For Lease boards: We can supply you with high-impact ‘For Lease’ signage for your property (subject to Body Corporate approval).

Executive and corporate leasing

Thanks to our trusted reputation, Buxton helps leading organisations and discerning company executives secure quality furnished or unfurnished rental homes and apartments in all price ranges – for both medium and long-term tenancies.

We have strong ongoing relationships with a number of Melbourne’s leading corporate relocation companies, so that prospective executive renters are informed of suitable properties as soon as they become available.

Rental agreement renegotiations

Rental providers and renters are notified prior to the agreement expiration. At this point, a new agreement can be negotiated, or the current rental agreement can continue on a month-to-month basis. The high quality of Buxton’s property management service means that many of our rental agreements renew beyond the initial term, helping our rental providers to minimise vacancy periods and maintain their rental income.

Fee options

We offer a range of comprehensive services and options, with the flexibility to satisfy every client. Please contact us for more information.

Comparable rentals

Thanks to the high-tech, automated MY Buxton, you can receive regular e-mail updates of recently leased properties that match your specific criteria. These updates include a brief description of the property and the rental amount. To register and take advantage of this valuable free service, please visit buxton.com.au.

To find out more, arrange an appraisal of your property, or discuss a management package that suits your requirements, please contact the property manager at your nearest Buxton office.

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