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As Principal and founder of Marriott Lane Real Estate, I would like to thank you for taking the time to read our information booklet. If you are considering making any real estate decision in the near future, please consider our services. If you would like to hear our advice regarding your property or any other real estate information, please call us anytime.

In this booklet you will find a short summary about Marriott Lane Real Estate and information that you may find helpful now or in the future.

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Wayne Marriott, LREA

Celebrating 31 Years in Local Business

Marriott Lane punches above its weight

We are a leading independent real estate office in the Lower North Shore, having operated at Alexander Street, Crows Nest, since 1992. We are very good at selling homes and managinig rental properties.

Our specialty is prestige homes to new apartments and everything in between. From Crows Nest to St Leonards, to Lane Cove and Chatswood and beyond – we know every street on the Lower North Shore.

In fact, our industry knowledge and local market expertise is first-class, which means you can trust us to look after your biggest asset.

And because we are independent, we can overdeliver for our clients - and we often do. This means we almost never lose a client to another real estate office: Marriott Lane clients stay Marriott Lane clients.

My name is Wayne Marriott, I am the founder and principal, and our skilled Property Sales Team and Property Management Teams, make it their mission to achieve outstanding sale prices and rental incomes for homeowners, investors and property developers.

And, because we know what the market wants, we will guide you through how to get your house or apartment ready to sell or lease. Often, a few subtle changes can make all the difference to first impressions and that all-important price guide.

Are you ready to experience Marriott Lane’s unique blend of superior service and absolute commitment to a top result? Ask our Property Sales Team or Property Management Team for a free home appraisal today.

Meet Our Team

We all deliver our roles to the highest standard and ensure each department in the business is continually up to date and running smoothly at all times, we ensure our team remains professional and highly focused to guarantee the best results are delivered each and every day.

What We Specialise In

Property Management

From our long association with owners of residential real estate, we have gained a clear insight into what they are looking for from their property management agent.

Initially, they may start thinking they want the highest rent and lowest fees. However, on true reflection, their prioritised list would more likely look something like this:

  • Protection of the property - not harmed by the tenant, kept safe and secure, repairs carried out to prevent damage, correct insurance
  • Fair and reliable income - market rent, no arrears, short vacancy, rental increases in the future, suggestions for cost-effective improvements
  • Confidence - that they can trust their interests are being looked after, excellent two-way communication resulting in a feeling of relaxed confidence
  • A happy tenant - knowing that the tenant appreciates living in your property and is being treated with respect by your agent
  • Value for money - fair fees, fair tradespeople costs, regular rent increases, a feeling that your investment is managed as though it was owned by the agent

To deliver these results, there are many things the agent must get right. Some of them are very important. Most problems in property management begin with the selection of a poor tenant. The fundamentals then start with finding a good tenant, preparing a comprehensive initial condition report, conducting regular inspections of the property, being vigilant about arrears, being proactive with repairs and reviewing rent at regular intervals, also all of the time initiating useful communication with the owners and returning calls promptly.

Residential Sales

Our sales team is one of the most active and dynamic teams in the Lower North Shore. Our agents have a deep and up-to-date understanding of the local market, ensuring that we can provide our clients with the best possible advice when it comes to pricing their property.

To further support our sales efforts, we have an extensive database and buyer reach. Thanks to our high volume of ongoing business, our large database of current active buyers enables us to reach more potential buyers, generating interest in your property and increasing the chances of a successful sale.


Auction is a process whereby your property is promoted on its merits without limiting the final price. The specific time frame of an auction allows sellers to plan with a large degree of certainty.

It is definitely the best method of capitalising on strong competition. An auction creates an environment that generates ‘mutual endorsement’ whereby the other bidder validates your temptation to offer more for the property. Combined with the competitive streak inherent in most people, a higher than expected price can often be achieved. The auction day deadline instils a sense of urgency in buyers requiring them to be decisive.

It’s vital to generate the right exposure, to ensure a property is shown to the widest possible market and facilitate competition in an optimal timeframe. Whichever method you choose, it is important to assess the reaction from the marketplace before getting locked in with a response. It is often that in the initial two weeks, the best buyers view properties and the best offers usually come early too.

Investor Support Services

Marriott Lane's Investor Support Services is specifically for new and existing Investors in Sydney residential real estate.

  • First-time Investors
  • Experienced Investors
  • Owners Becoming Landlords
  • Self Managed Property Owners

We cover the acquisition of a residential property, finding and placing a tenant, protecting the investment and achieving a good, reliable return.

Most residential property investors use the services of a real estate agent to look after their investment. We will also assist them in the process or selecting the agency best able to fulfil this role.

Marriott Lane is a pioneer of the Investor Support Services concept. We believe that Investors can gain great value from accessing information, guidance and advice from a competent and unbiased source. This is appropriate for both first time Investors (buying their first property or renting out their existing property) or Existing Investors (self-managing, buying another investment property or considering changing managing agents).

Casual Letting

We offer an extensive Casual Letting service, for a small fee we can assist in numerous areas such as:

  • Advice on current market rental values
  • Advertise on the key property websites: realestate.com.au, domain.com.au, rent.com.au, homely.com.au, and our own website marriottlane.com.au. Further marketing includes: electronic brochures, office window display, For Lease signboard, inclusion on office rental list and Inspect Real Estate system
  • Show the property to prospective tenants
  • Process tenant applications and come to you with a short list for your final approval. We have a superior ability to check references and past renting history to assist in reducing the risk of placing a poor tenant in the property.
  • Initial comprehensive property inspection report, including photos
  • Bond lodgement in your name
  • Advice on Landlord Insurance and ongoing management issues

Thinking of Selling or Leasing?

To find out more about the Marriott Lane difference;

About Marriott Lane

Marriott Lane Real Estate is the Lower North Shore’s leading independent real estate agency, having traded at Alexander Street, Crows Nest for more than 30 years. Marriott Lane currently manages the rental of more than 1,000 properties and has sold well over 2,000 properties over the years, making it one of the largest and most active agencies in the area.

Principal Wayne Marriott founded the business in 1992 initially trading as Richardson & Wrench Crows Nest. In 2004 the agency became independent and rebranded as Marriott Lane Real Estate.

Local residents will be familiar with the frequent appearance of our sales and property management marketing in the local area. Our high volume of ongoing business means that our residential property managers possess detailed, up-to-date knowledge of the current local market. Knowledge is power when it comes to leasing your property in a timely manner, giving Marriott Lane the edge in achieving a great result for your property.

Marriott Lane prides itself on being an ethical real estate business, believing firmly in dealing with all clients to the highest professional standards of integrity and fairness. Whether you are letting, renting, buying or selling property, Marriott Lane promises to ensure you enjoy an outstanding real estate experience.

Services Provided

  • Residential Sales
  • Residential Property Management
  • Auctions
  • Investor Support Services
  • Casual Leasing

Community Involvement

Marriott Lane Real Estate is a proud sponsor of the Taldumande Youth Services, MS Society and the Cancer Society.

Contact Us

Marriott Lane Real Estate

Office: (612) 9906 2300

Fax: (612) 9906 2322

Email: info@marriottlane.com.au

Web: marriottlane.com.au

Address: 61 Alexander Street, Crows Nest NSW 2065


Wayne Marriott 0400 540 423 | wayne@marriottlane.com.au

Business Manager

Christine Chiara-Smith 0400 566 291 | christine@marriottlane.com.au

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