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The Modo Story

Real estate is a competitive industry. You only have to walk down a medium-sized shopping strip in any suburb of any city in Australia and you’ll see at least three well-established agencies within a few hundred metres of one another.

So why, you might be asking, run an independent agency in Melbourne, one of the most property obsessed (and competitive) cities in the world?

The answer is simple: after years of working for and meeting with other franchises, we knew we could do things better than just the industry standard. And we knew we could do that by drawing on our extensive knowledge of this industry. But more than that, we knew we could do it by giving clients an experience like nobody else.

Early in the days of setting up Modo, we had this belief confirmed.

We’d done all the administrative work, registered our name, made sure we’d dotted all the I’s and crossed all the T’s and now it was time to find a premises out of which to work. We rang more than a dozen agents who dealt in property management to enquire about advertised shops.

Only two called us back.
Two – that’s not a typo.

It was almost as if our enquiries were an imposition. It underscored an important point for us: knowledge is useless without a desire to help and a genuine enjoyment of dealing with people.

At Modo, we bring together expertise and enthusiasm.

We make property personal.

The Modo Approach

Our Service

We base our service around a simple rule (some call it The Golden Rule): treat others as you would have them treat you. In a business based so heavily on negotiation, opinion and personal taste, empathy is incredibly important. If we don’t see empathy in an agent, we don’t employ them.

Our Approach

For us, real estate isn’t about wheeling and dealing. It’s about no-nonsense negotiation, clear communication and honest advice – every time. Our aim is to treat all parties with respect and fairness. Ultimately, we believe our straightforward approach to business will lead to the best results for our clients. And that’s always what we aim for.

Our Communication

Once you’ve listed your property with Modo you can expect a level of openness and transparency that you’ve never experienced before. We’ll give you access to an online system that allows you to find out how many people are interested in your property at any one time, what enquiries we receive, the comments being made at inspections and what sort of prices are being mentioned.

Your account automatically updates after every inspection and enquiry, which means you don’t have to wait for a phone call – you can log in whenever it suits you and find the latest information on your property.

The Modo Team

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Anne Clark

We found the company extremely helpful, they did a wonderful online advertising presentation, which delivered a successful result within two weeks of it going online. We were kept updated all through the process. We would recommend to others.


Terrence Li

Daniel and Allison were a pleasure to deal with and very efficient & professional. Our property was leased out within one week during Xmas period. thank you.


Shiang Chew

My commercial tenant had not been paying the strata to the point where the body corporation applied to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal to get me to pay up the outstanding amount. To avoid me having to pay, Allison applied to the Victoria Small Business Commission to try to get my tenant to settle this amount. During the mediation by the commissioner Allison who represented me did such an amazing and highly commendable job that the commissioner was able to achieve an amicable outcome for both the tenant and us. I would not have gone even a small fraction the distance if not for Allison's expertise and experience in such matter. She was knowledgement, calm and very professional. When I purchase this property I had friends who suggested that I manage the tenancy myself saying commercial property management, unlike residential, is a simple straight forward matter. In view of what happened, I feel lucky to have engaged Modo Commercial Real Estate Agency to manage my property. I highly recommend them a hundred percent to be the managing agent for all your commercial properties. You would not go wrong and will be grateful to have them on your side.


Jayson Pultanio

Sray and Richard leased my industrial property that was in the market for 9 months with another agent. They were persistent and achieved a result for me and kept me up to date. I definitely recommend this agency - they can also manage your property very well. Well done!


Sharon Hunter

Richard and the incredible Modo Property team are simply very efficient, prompt and professional. They secured a very good sale for our client's Melbourne property, part of a complicated family law settlement. It was a pleasure to have Richard on our side. When something needed to be done it was done. Thanks so much Richard and Allison. Hunter Solicitors, Queensland.


Shane Clinch

Highly recommend Richard and his team at Modo. Very impressed (and a refreshing change from other agents) with Richards dedication, enthusiasm and communication whilst getting one of my commercial properties leased within a month where others had failed. A number of well known larger agents would be doing themselves a favour taking Richards approach to leasing and selling. Give these guys a go !!! Thanks, Richard and Team at Modo!!! Very happy!!!


Marina Crane

A big thank you to Richard for your persistent hard work finding us a buyer. Your level of communication and commitment has been second to none!


Minoo Ghamari

Had a pleasure of being Richard’s client and found it so refreshing to work with such a great real estate agent with such high moral integrity.

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