The Cat Cafe Purrth

A Lifestyle You Will Love

147 Rokeby Road, Subiaco WA 6008

$245,000 + S.A.V

After six years in business, The Cat Cafe Purrth is now for sale. Thanks to Platinum Business Sales this dream job could now be your dream job. If you are fed up with meaningless work and want to do something that will have a genuine impact in the lives of countless people and animals, then you have come to the right place. Like the Cat Cafes of Tokyo, New York, London (and every other capital city in Australia) The Cat Cafe Purrth, is home to 12 rescue cats and people purchase tickets online to spend an hour relaxing with them. 

Tickets are $15 per person, and coffee, desserts and merchandise are sold separately. Your new lifestyle will be to enable those without access to pets (think special needs, allergies, renters) or those who just love cats, to come in and enjoy a positive experience with animals. Mental health is critical to the business model. Regularly the cafe has pyschologists and physicians recommending their patients to visit.

It is an experience for birthdays, date nights, and RDOs or pupil free days for everyone out there who has Purrth listed as their favourite place. The cafe also runs specialised sessions on site including Board Games with Cats, Origami with Cats, Colouring with Cats, and Cats After Dark. The premium offering is an Exclusive Cat Lounge Booking, sold in packages for parties and private events.

Located on Subiaco’s High Street at 147 Rokeby Road, the Sellers commissioned a custom architecturally-designed fit out, and teamed up with resident Veterinarian Dr Martine Van Boeijen to build the perfect sanctuary for cats and people to relax and enjoy one another’s company. 

What is exactly for sale?

The Physical store
The business model, as WA’s only Cat Cafe, our IP.
The Good Will of six years in the same location with hundreds of regular customers.
The custom architecturally designed fit-out at 147 Rokeby Road.
In-store equipment including fridges, benches, ice cream machine, etc...

The Stock, Merchandise and Designs.
All remaining stock including all merchandise both hand-made and wholesale
All Cat Glitter Designs and all merchandising rights moving forward. Includes IP and raw files of all existing designs.
Supplier contacts for merchandise and distribution.

The Online Store and back-end
The online store and website, including all content.
The Shopify Back-end including six years of sales, marketing and customer data.

The Email CRM and Social Media Accounts of over 72,000 active customers.
Klaviyo CRM with automated customer flows to over 15,000 active email subscribers.
Facebook account with over 40,000 subscribers
Instagram account with over 17,000 subscribers
All possessed @handles for others sites, IE: YouTube, TikTok, and Snapchat.

A Message From The Sellers

What is the lifestyle of a Cat Cafe owner like?
Every day is different and unique. You are directly engaging with animals and people all the time. Your job is to care. To care for animals who need extra attention. To care for people who want to smile and have a great time. To care for those with special needs. To care for the community and everyone who treats Purrth as a sanctuary.

Why are we selling?
It is incredibly rewarding and fulfilling, but it requires all of our attention. We want to start a family now, and we don’t think it is fair or responsible of us to take attention away from our cats or our community to do so. We wouldn’t be doing either justice. We’ve loved this job for six years, and now we’re ready to see someone else take it to the next level. We survived Covid 19 as a hospitality business, so we know Purrth can succeed as things normalise.

Are the resident cats included in the sale?
No. Explicitly no. The whole reason we maintained residents was so that they would grow familiar with our staff and family. To give them over to new owners would be very upsetting for them and us. The current resident cats will go to the homes of the friends, staff and family they are most familiar and comfortable with. This means you get to start fresh, with new kittens and a new identity for your Cat Lounge. We can provide advice on what to look for when adopting, and how best to introduce a large group of cats together.

Will the staff continue on with the new owners?
Yes, most - if not all - of the team intend to continue. Hospitality usually has a high employee turnover. Most of our Cat Cafe staff have been with us since day one six years ago. They love their job, and are now exceptionally qualified at cat care and engaging customers.

Will there be a handover period?
Yes. We will be available to advise the new owners on any systems, software, operations, etc. for three months after the sale. This can be extended subject to negotiation. We have developed very strong relationships with Perth Cat Hospital and Cat Haven. We suggest you continue these relationships as they have been vital to ensuring a positive experience for our cats on many occasions.

Will you train us to care for the animals?
Yes. We have the luxury of six years worth of experience operating the Cat Cafe. We have become somewhat experts in all things feline behaviour. The critical phase will be the introduction of multiple cats both to a new environment and to each other. We will share our knowledge and pass on our wisdom. We will also introduce you to our resident vets at Perth Cat Hospital, who are invaluable in ensuring the cats’ long-term and immediate well being.

Is a Cat Cafe just like any other cafe?
No. The majority of our business is actually the ticket sales and looking after customers in the Cat Lounge. Coffee, desserts and merchandise are second and separate to this. There is also an online store as part of which requires picking, packing and shipping of merchandise all around the country. Pre-covid we were shipping our products to Europe, America and Asia too. Needless to say, the business is multifaceted with interwoven demands and opportunities.

What is the opportunity for growth?
We have broken even three years running during the pandemic. We have survived what most hospitality and tourism business unfortunately have not. While sales are less than perfect, they are on the improve. Subiaco is right at the precipice of a boom with hundreds of apartments going up all around our Cat Cafe. We also have a growing community, with over 72,000 active users across our email CRM, Facebook and Instagram. We have worked hard to get where we are, but we’re certain that someone with fresh eyes and a different business acumen could take Purrth to the next level.


The Lifestyle You Will Live

The Premises

The Products Customers Will Love

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Address: 147 Rokeby Road, Subiaco, WA 6008, Australia

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Platinum Business Sales

Agent Details

Jonathon Parker

Managing Director & Business Sales Specialist

Jonathon is a licensed real estate and business agent and is the licensee in bone-fide control for Platinum Business Sales. Jonathon is one of the most proficient business brokers in Perth.  His experience is extensive and his track record of achieving fantastic results for his client base is notable. With over 20 years real estate and business sales experience, he has sold hundreds of businesses in that time. His expertise is in the sale of liquor stores, taverns, hotels, restaurants, cafes, fast food outlets, lottery outlets, post offices, supermarkets, convenience stores, petrol stations and many other service and retail business types.

Jonathon’s exceptional sales, interpersonal and negotiating skills have been consistently proven through his ability to build relationships that deliver high quality business results. With an industry specific database, carefully maintained to the types of businesses he transacts in, in addition to a network of thousands of past clients and business owners across Western Australia, finding the right buyer for your business is always achievable!

Jonathon services clients throughout the Perth metropolitan area and has sold many regional WA businesses.  He understands the hard work invested by his clients and is driven to maximise their profitability and circumstance. He has an exceptional understanding of leasing contracts and an undisputed grasp on financials and how to best prepare your business for sale.

Guided by his strong morals and integrity, Jonathon has the ability to bring out the best in those around him showing respect, empathy and understanding towards all individuals.

Contact Jonathon today, to discuss how Platinum Business Sales can help you.

Disclosure: The information compiled has been developed to assist persons considering purchasing the business. This information has been supplied by the Vendor in good faith and while reasonable care has been exercised by both Platinum Business Sales and the Vendor, no responsibility is accepted by Platinum Business Sales for the accuracy or completeness of this information, and it is not a warranty or promise as to the correctness of the information supplied within.

Interest parties must undertake their own independent enquiries with recognied accounting, tax and legal specialists and satisfy themselves as to the accuracy of the information provided. 

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