"Whitton Vineyards"

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EOI - Lease

255.40 acres

"Whitton Vineyards" Extensively developed to winegrapes, the landholding produces high yielding premium wine grapes in a premier horticultural region, providing significant opportunity to an incoming lessee.

Key features of the opportunity include 96.64* hectares of high yielding wine grapes, planted on red sandy loam soils with varieties including Ruby Cabernet, Shiraz, Chenin Blanc, Chardonnay, Columbard, Pinot Grigio and Semillon. 

Secure Water allocation with 585 Megalitres of High Security Murrumbidgee Irrigation Water entitlements.

Excellent fit-for-purpose infrastructure and well- developed structural improvements including a large machinery shed / workshop, offices and sundry irrigation shedding.

Images taken on 18th November 2020

2015 - 2020 Tonnage Report

Vineyard Grape Plantings

Irrigation Layout / Pumping Configuration / Controllers

Pump: Southern Cross 125 x 80-200 37 Kw electric x 3

Pump 1 - Variable speed drive

Pump 2 & 3 - Constant speed

6 x Akral Spin Klin Filters with automatic backflush


Controller boards/computer/variable drive

The vineyard is currently setup on 2 x 12 hour irrigation watering shifts

Netafim controller which is wire controlled to field valves to vineyard. Recent cable replacement to blocks J, K & L .

Fertigation system - Manual and automatic

Mixing tanks and fertigation pump


Office complex with staff room and amenities

A well maintained Workshop/Machinery Shed of 270sqm with a internal office/amenities room of circa 28sqm. Fully enclosed workshop with 3 phase power and work benches.

4000 Litre Lockable Diesel storage

Lockable bunded chemical storage container next to filling station

Hardstand filling station and wash bay

Machinery shed with earthen floor

Water Security & Delivery Entitlements

Included in the lease of Whitton Farms, is 585 Megalitres of Murrumbidgee High Security Water. The property holds a combined 1000 MI Delivery entitlments. The property on average draws 5.2 Megalitres of water a day at peak periods with the Irrigation channel capable of supply upto 18 megalitres a day.

Vineyard Location

Soil Report 2018

Inspection Request

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Expression Of Interest - Contact Gavin Cappello for further details

Agent Details

Gavin Cappello

Licensed Residential, Rural Sales Agent

Gavin has over 13 years’ experience in all sectors of selling of residential and rural property across New South Wales. Assets range from residential subdivisons, all types of residential homes and rural allotments, mixed farming, cropping, grazing, cotton irrigation, horticulture and timber lots . Having lived in Griffith and Dalrington Point over various stages he has built up a significant network within the residential and agricultural sector. Extensive on farm experience on the family farm in Griffith and has provided him with hands on experience and understanding of farming business’s and rural enterprises.

Rural Notable Sales

  • Farm 1300, 1301 & 1327 Wilga Road Vineyards - $22 million
  • Nericon Citrus Sale -$14.5 Million
  • Sandy Valley Almond Orchards $13.5 Million
  • Multiple Rural sales from ($1 - $5 million)


  •  Licenced Stock & Station Agent - NSW
  •  Licenced Auctioneer
  •  Strata management
  • Commerical and residential leasing


The contents of this Webook are believed to be accurate. However, because the information in this web book and any other written or verbal information given in respect of the Properties referred to in this Information Memorandum (the Information) may be inaccurate or incomplete, the Information is provided to you (the Recipient) on the following conditions:

  1. The Properties are leased in an “as is/where is” condition (that is, in its present condition and subject to all legal and physical defects).
  2. No assurance, representation, warranty or guarantee (express or implied) is given to the Vendor, Ray White Rural, or entity that the Information, whether or not in writing, is complete, accurate or balanced, or has or will be audited or independently verified, or that reasonable care has been or will be taken in compiling, preparing and furnishing the Information.
  3. The Information does not constitute, and should not be considered as, a recommendation in relation to the purchase of the Properties or any other matter, or as a solicitation or offer to sell the Properties or a contract of sale for the Properties.
  4. The Information shall not constitute an assurance, representation, warranty or guarantee that there has been no change in the Properties or in the matter referred to in the Information since the date at which the Information is expressed to be stated.
  5.   None of the Parties assume any obligation to the Recipient to provide additional Information or updated Information or to correct any inaccuracies in the Information which may become apparent.
  6. The Information should not be relied upon in any way by the Recipient or its related entities, their respective officers, employees, agents, advisors, shareholders and associates (collectively the Recipient Parties). The Recipient Parties should satisfy themselves as to the accuracy and completeness of the Information through inspections, surveys, enquiries, and searches by their own independent consultants.
  7. The Information does not purport to contain all of the details which the Recipient would require to make a decision to bid for the Properties. All Recipients should seek independent legal and financial advice.
  8. Not all fixtures and fittings on the Properties may be available for sale and the Vendor and agents reserve the right to remove any item on the Properties from sale at any time.
  9. None of the Parties make any representations or warranties with respect to fixtures, fittings, plant and equipment on the Properties.
  10. None of the Parties make any representations or warranties with respect to the continuation or enforceability of any license, lease, supply, service, consultancy, certification, standard or other agreement referred to in this Information Memorandum following completion of the sale of the Properties.
  11. None of the Parties make any representations or warranties with respect to the legality of the current use of the Properties or the ability of any purchaser to redevelop the Properties.
  12. The Information does not and will not form part of any contract of sale for the Properties. If any Recipient Party makes an offer or signs a contract for the Properties, that Recipient Party represents that it is not relying on the Information supplied by any of the Parties (unless otherwise agreed in a written contract with the Vendor). The only information, representations and warranties upon which the Recipient Parties will be entitled to rely will be as expressly set out in such a contract.
  13. Recipients will be responsible for meeting their own costs of participating in the sale process for the Properties. The Parties shall not be liable to compensate any Recipient Parties for any costs or expenses incurred in reviewing, investigating or analysing any Information, whether that Information is contained in this Information Memorandum or otherwise.
  14. None of the Parties are liable to compensate or reimburse the Recipient Parties for any liabilities, costs or expenses incurred in connection with the sale of the Properties
  15. Those persons associated with the agents for the mortgagee who have responsibility for the sale have provided all Information provided to Recipients in good faith. Their knowledge may not be as extensive as that of the Vendor on whose behalf the agents for the mortgagee provide that Information. Furthermore, the agents for the mortgagee are the agent of the Vendor and shall not, except to the extent required by law, incur any personal liability to any of the Recipient Parties or the purchaser on any basis (including in respect of the Properties, the sale of the Properties, the contract, this Information Memorandum or any dealing with an Recipient Parties whatsoever).
  16. Except as my be expressly provided in any agreement in writing between the Parties and the Recipient, the Recipient acknowledges and agrees (for itself and the other Recipient Parties) that to the maximum extent permitted by law, all terms, conditions, warranties and statements, whether express, implied, written, oral, collateral, statutory or otherwise, relating to the Information Memorandum and the sale of the Properties are excluded, and each of the Parties disclaim all liability for any loss and damage (whether foreseeable or not) suffered by any person acting on any of the Information whether the loss or damage arises in connection with any negligence, default or lack of care on the part of the Parties, any misrepresentation or any other cause by reason of or in connection with the provision of the Information or by the purported reliance thereon by any of the Recipients Parties.
  17. No person is authorised to give information other than the Information in this Web Book or in another brochure or document authorised by the agents for the mortgagee. Any statement or representation by an officer, agent, supplier, customer, relative or employee of the Vendor will not be binding on the Vendor or on the Agents for the mortgagee.
  18. The Information is confidential. The Information must not be reproduced, transmitted or otherwise made available or communicated to any person other than the Recipient Parties without the prior written approval of the agents for the mortgagee. The Recipients acknowledge and agree that upon deciding that they do not wish to proceed with the purchase of the Properties, or at the request of the Parties, they will immediately return the Information together with any reproduction thereof.
  19. The Recipient acknowledges and agrees that it will not be contracting with the Agents for the mortgagee personally, but with the Vendor only. The agents for the mortgagee shall not be liable to the Recipient Parties on any basis whatsoever for any act, matter or thing arising out of or connection with the Information.
  20. To the extent that any of the above paragraphs may construed as being a contravention of any law of the State or the Commonwealth, such paragraphs should be read down, severed or both as the case may require and the remaining paragraphs shall continue to have full force and effect.
  21. This disclaimer is additional to the contract and survives execution of the contract.
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