What is AuctionNow?




AuctionNow is Australia’s fastest-growing, secure and comprehensive online auction platform enabling buyers to watch, register, bid, buy and exchange on live property auctions on any device, from anywhere in the world.

The upside for agents

Overcome barriers to participation, offer flexibility and expose agents’ auctions to a wider pool of buyers. Agents can manage all of their auction listings online from start to finish, in real time and stay up to date with their compliance requirements.




Video URL: https://vimeo.com/398732516

Video Title: What is Auction Now

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Investment Details

  • Training & activation fee: $545 plus GST
  • Live Auction fee: $25 plus GST per property
  • Buy Now Auction fee: $270 plus GST

There are two types of auctions. Live Auction with online bidders and Buy Now Auctions.

What is a Buy Now Auction?


Video URL: https://vimeo.com/403184003

Video Title: Coaching Tip Timed Auctions for Private Treaty

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How to do an Auction - The Digital Sale


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Video Title: Live Auction Simulation

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AuctionNow Podcast - Featuring Lee Woodward & Damien Cooley

How do I Get Started With AuctionNow?

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Complete the above form to create an AuctionNow account or reach us at [email protected]  | 1300 367 412



Top 10 Tips with Damien Cooley for Running an Online Auction


Video URL: https://vimeo.com/409711886

Video Title: Top 10 Tips with Damien Cooley For Running An Online Auction

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Frequently Asked Question's

Auctions are currently banned for the purpose of public gatherings. They can still be run online from a remote location.

Below you will find the required equipment;

  • Tripod
  • Tripod Phone Clamp
  • Mobile Phone - Any smartphone, (iPhone, android) that has the ability to download the AuctionNow cast app. 
  • Tablet – (iPad is highly recommended, keep in mind an older iPad will be slow. It is recommended to purchase a new ipad if yours is out of date) This is needed to register the bidders, commence auction and pencil the bids. You are able to register bidders, pencil bids from a laptop or mobile phone but we recommend the use of a tablet.


You are able to download the AuctionNow app from either the Apple App Store or from Google Play Store.

Yes, we integrate with the below CRM's:

  • Agentbox
  • My Desktop
  • Rex
  • Zenu
  • Campaigntrack
  • Box + Dice

The CRM connect function only has the ability to import the property photos once a listing has already been created.
It doesn’t have the ability to create the property and then import all of the property information. Please note the user has to log into their AuctionNow account and manually push the photos through from their CRM for each listing.

Buy Now auctions can last for as long as you like. You must select a start and end time when creating the property. If a bid is received within the last 5 minutes of the end time, the end time is extended by another 5 minutes automatically. If people keep placing bids, the auction will keep on going and going. 

No! There is no delay with the live stream allowing all bidders to have the same advantage. 

Yes when the property is livestreamed, the entire clip is saved down into the platform. You can purchase this raw footage for $10 via you account.

You can find this in the ‘Property Details’ tab where you can hit the request button and pay upfront.

Upcoming Auctions

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