We want you to get your full bond back - and here is how!

The Property Management Team at Wentworth Partners wishes you the very best with your future plans. We look forward to working with you to fulfil your obligations at the end of the tenancy so that the transition is as smooth as possible for you.


Moving out of a rental property is a busy time. While you are preparing to move elsewhere, there may be new tenants preparing to move into the property that you are leaving. 


The information in this pack has been designed to help with moving out. A key indication for us of the success of the tenancy is a full or agreed bond refund to tenants and so we want to do everything that we can to help you to understand and complete the activities and obligations for the end of a tenancy. 


·      Remember to cancel automated direct debit payments if set up to pay your rent as we cannot action for you.

·      Our Agency requires a forwarding address and telephone number for each Tenant on the General Tenancy Agreement.

·      Please find enclosed a ‘Vacate Envelope’ which outlines the required actions for Tenant completion and use to return keys and documents.

·      A Cleaning Checklist is enclosed to assist your Bond refund.

What do I need to do?

Tenants moving out of a rental property need to:

  • Return the property to the condition as recorded on the Entry Condition Report.
  • Have the carpets cleaned  by a professional carpet cleaner before you return the keys and provide receipt with ABN number.  
  • If Pets have been at the property, then a professional flea treatment needs to be done before you handover the keys;
  • If there is a pool at the property that you are responsible for, it will need to be cleaned to the standard of when you moved in;
  • Any outstanding money including rent up to the handover date, water invoices or other invoices will need to be finalised before you handover the property;
  • All keys and access remotes or cards will need to be returned; 
  • forwarding address needs to be supplied before you move out; and
  • The Bond Refund Form needs to be completed.


There is an obligation to return all of the keys that were provided to you at the beginning of the tenancy PLUS any additional keys that you may have had cut for convenience. Any garage remotes, swipe cards or access fobs for the property will need to be returned and in working order.

If any keys are missing, it is a good idea to know early so that you can have them cut or so that replacements can be cut from the set held by our office.

All keys are to be returned to our office by 4:00 PM on your Vacate Date. If your Vacate Date falls on a Saturday or Sunday, you have until 10am the following Monday to return the keys.

Rent is payable inclusive of this date and until all keys are returned; whichever event occurs last.

Suggested Services


Carpets are to be left clean. We recommend that you steam clean them to avoid any claims against your bond for damages. We recommend that you provide a receipt to show that this was completed.

To assist in a stress-free vacate process, we recommend you use a professional cleaning company and steam cleaning company for a final clean.

Our office recommends & uses the following companies for cleaning & steam cleaning.

(Cleaning/Carpet Cleaning; Cleaning/Carpets and Gardens; Carpets/Flea Control; Pest Control)

Cleaner - Toms Cleaning Service    0433530852       [email protected]

Steam cleaner - ADSAM RESTORATIONS & STEAM CLEANING - [email protected]

Gardener - Corporate Home Management  0421-070-583     [email protected]

Pest Control - HOOROO PEST CONTROL    0412 252 827     [email protected]

These companies are regularly used by our property managers.

It is worthwhile using reputable companies for cleaning to ensure extra expense is not incurred to you when the premises are inspected and found to need areas re-addressed.

Condition of the Property

Just as you are moving on to other accommodation, your property is about to become the new home for new people and so the process now is to prepare the property for its next chapter.

The rental bond that was collected at the beginning of your tenancy is a security deposit held on your behalf to ensure that there is money to cover the cost of completing tasks that are the tenant’s responsibility at the end of a tenancy. We want to see you gain a full bond refund – a full bond refund for a property manager means that the property is properly returned and that both the tenant and the landlord have completed their obligations. So in this way, you can be assured that we want to work with you.

The condition of the property:

Tenants have an obligation to return the property to the standard of the entry condition report, save only for items of fair wear and tear. The Entry Condition Report is the proper record of the condition of the property when you moved in. The Entry Condition Report is also the most fair record as it contains a consensus in comments between Landlord and Tenant. There is little by way of wriggle room in this – so please don’t be offended that we cannot rely on your memory or honesty, we can not rely on our own memories or honesty either – The record on the Entry Report trumps us all. This means that if an item is marked clean on the Entry and it is not clean, it must be cleaned. If the item is marked undamaged and it is damaged – even accidentally – then it must be repaired.

I want to take a minute to explain some of the important parts of this obligation – because a proper understanding at this stage allows for proper action and proper decisions.

Firstly – what is fair wear and tear. 

The term fair wear and tear is not defined in the Act or the tenancy agreement. The standard terms of the tenancy agreement gives an example of what may be fair wear and tear:
• wear that happens during normal use, or
• changes that happen with ageing.
This means that carpet worn from normal walking is fair – whereas carpet torn from high heel shoes is not fair. Curtains fading from sun light is fair – curtains discoloured from neglect in cleaning is not fair.

Secondly – what does clean mean?

Many people confuse clean with “new”. An item can be stained, aged or worn – but clean. Clean means that an item can not be made cleaner by using a cleaning product or process. So if there is a stain on a kitchen benchtop that is marked on the entry condition report, that benchtop is clean so long as it would not be made more clean by wiping it down with a spray and wipe product.

Thirdly – what does undamaged mean?

Undamaged means that the thing is working or in the same state that it was at the beginning of the tenancy. Most commonly, we find at the end of the tenancy that some tenants have put nails in walls to hang pictures thinking that these pictures will improve the property. When those pictures are brought down and moved with you, the wall remains damaged by the nail. So if the nail was not there at the entry condition report – it needs to be repaired.

With the moving in and out process, it is not uncommon that walls become scuffed or dented. Even though it is accidental, the marks and dents are not fair wear and tear and will need repairing. Some tenants make the mistake of thinking that these items will not be noticed and they leave the attention for these items until after the property is handed over – perhaps hoping for a windfall. The property manager who performs your vacate specialises in these inspections and can take several hours going over the property referencing the Entry Condition Report.

With any repairs it is best to take an account of these as early as possible so that you have the luxury of time to have the items repaired. . Once you handover the property, there may only be a few days to have the item repaired for incoming tenants and if repairs are rushed and urgent, they can cost slightly more.

So to summarise, the condition of the property when it is handed back, needs to be in the same condition as is recorded on the entry condition.

Carpet Cleaning

Additionally, the special terms of the general tenancy require that the carpets are cleaned to a professional standard and evidence is needed to support that the obligation has been completed – which is simply a case of providing a copy of the receipt for the cleaners.

Pet Cleaning

If pets have been approved at the property, an additional receipt is needed to demonstrate that the flea and pest treatment has been done. If pets have been in the garden, it is also important that this is performed to the correct standard.

If you feel that you may have difficulty meeting these obligations or you are simply too busy with the move to your next property – ask us how we can help. 

Cleaning Checklist

Upon vacating, your property manager will be thoroughly inspecting to ensure the absolute cleanliness of the property.

Please ensure you pay close attention to everything mentioned on the checklist; cutting corners will only cause more stress when you need to go back and re-clean certain areas or have bond deducted for professional cleaning.

We highly recommend employing the services of a professional cleaner to ensure a full bond refund.  Call your property manager and we can organise this for you. 

We need at least 7 days notice if you would like us to book in the cleaner/carpet cleaning for you and we also need this in writing - if you would like to arrange our preferred contractors they do book our fast so best to get onto them as earlier as possible to lock in to ensure they can get done before you need to return keys.


Please remember that Bond is NOT TO BE USED AS RENT. 

The bond will not be finalised by Wentworth Partners until the Vacate Inspection has been completed and we are satified that the property has been returned to the same condition of the Entry condition report less wear and tear. 


It is recommended that if you require any of the Property or inclusions to be cleaned or repaired after moving, arrange for the supplier’s final meter reading and service disconnection to occur AFTER the work is completed satisfactorily.

Otherwise this may put a delay on your bond refund. 

Water Consumption

If Applicable - The Property complies with water saving criteria allowing water consumption costs to be passed onto the Tenant as noted in the General Tenancy Agreement.

This means you will be responsible for the total cost of water consumption charged to the Property to the Handover date.

The water meter will be read on the Handover date and costs calculated. The amount will need to be paid prior to the Bond refund finalization.

Reletting of Property

The Lessor has instructed our agency to relet the property and we ask for your assistance and cooperation in allowing our agency staff to enter to show prospective tenants the property.

Of course, we will notify you before each appointment or ‘Open House’ and we will be present for any appointment time arranged with your approval.

You are welcome to be present for each inspection; however, if you are not available, we ask that any valuable item is stored securely.

End of Tenancy Survey

We value your feedback as the managing Agent of your tenancy. Please find enclosed an End of Tenancy Survey for your completion.

It will only take a few minutes. Please return in the Vacate Envelope enclosed.

For More Information

For any specific questions you may have, please feel free to contact your property manager directly.

You can find useful resources on ending your tenancy by clicking on the links below.

We thank you for renting through Wentworth Partners and trust you will contact us if we may be of assistance to you in the future for your real estate needs.

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