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12 Industrial Close, Westdale


48-160 sqm


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Address: 12 Industrial Close, Westdale, Tamworth, NSW 2340, Australia

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Why SmartSpace?

Introducing, SmartSpace Industrial Suites.

Maximize Efficiency within your business by purchasing a

SmartSpace Industrial Suite!
Simplicity in Commercial Spaces
Ideal Self-Managed Super Fund Investment

SmartSpace Industrial Suites, where simplicity meets convenience in commercial
spaces! Whether you're a new business in Tamworth or an established long-term
operator, finding the perfect space for your business operation is
crucial. SmartSpace has a floorplan size to suit your business with 48 industrial
suites that offer floorplans from 48 m2 up to 160 m2.
SmartSpace Industrial Suites has the solution you need. These fully serviced sites
can cater for all kinds of small to medium sized businesses, with the potential to
fully fit them out with Lunchrooms, Toilets, Mezzanines, Showrooms etc
These convenient well priced suites can unlock the potential of your business. Let's
explore the simplicity and convenience these spaces provide.
Convenience at its Best: Space and Floorplan
At SmartSpace Industrial Suites, we understand that every business has unique
space requirements. We offer a range of floorplans that cater for different needs.
Whether you're looking for a compact layout or a more expansive one, we have you

Our floorplans range from 48 to 160 m2, allowing you to choose the size that suits
your operations best. With this flexibility, you can optimize your space utilization and
create an efficient working environment.
These suites are particularly beneficial for startups and small businesses. We
understand the budget constraints entrepreneurs face when starting or expanding
their ventures. That's why our SmartSpace Industrial Suites are designed to be cost-
effective, providing you with an affordable solution to kickstart your business
journey. Furthermore, as your business grows, you can easily scale up within our
suites, avoiding the hassle of relocating to a larger space.
With parking provided immediately in front of most suites for up to 3 cars, getting to
and from work will be easy and convenient.

Scaling New Heights: Mezzanine Areas
For businesses that require extra space or want to maximize vertical expansion, you
may choose to construct a Mezzanine area, either initially or later on, if the need

arises. Mezzanine floors provide additional usable square footage without
increasing the overall footprint of the suite. This option can be particularly
advantageous for businesses with storage needs or those that require office spaces
for administrative tasks.
Our Mezzanine ready suites come with increased ceiling heights, ranging from 5.5 to
7 metres. This additional height advantage allows for the use of specialized
equipment and machinery that may require more headroom. It also grants you the
flexibility to customize your space to fit your unique requirements.
"Embrace the power of SmartSpace Industrial Suites to unlock your true potential and
revolutionize your efficiency. Discover how to make every moment count:
#MaximizeEfficiency #IndustrialRevolution #UnlockYourPotential"
Maintaining Hygiene and Comfort: Facilities for Toilets and Lunch Areas
We believe that a comfortable and hygienic workspace contributes to the overall
well-being and productivity of your employees. That's why our SmartSpace Industrial
Suites include essential facilities, such as common toilets and lunch areas.
In addition to common facilities, each unit is provided with waste and water services
allowing you to install a toilet and/or kitchenette for inside your own suite, if desired.
Save your marriage and declutter your home.
SmartSpace Industrial Suites offer a simplified solution for businesses seeking
convenient and versatile commercial spaces to purchase. These strata Titled Units
offer a wide range of floorplan choices, with potential mezzanine areas for vertical
expansion, and essential services to upgrade your facility with toilets and lunch
areas, we prioritize your comfort and efficiency.
So, why limit your business's potential? Unlock the possibilities
with SmartSpace Industrial Suites! Contact Stuart Watts today on 0455031619 to
explore the conveniences and benefits we have in store for you. Don't settle for
ordinary when you can have extraordinary!

. Brand new facility

. Sized and priced to suit
. Opportunity to reach maximum potential of productivity
. Business made easier
. Eligible for appropriate re-sale due to location and demand
. Located in the heart of Tamworth’s industrial potential
. Safe and secure
. Low to minimal maintenance
. Lock and leave

Unit 10 – 72m2 - $195,000
Unit 11 – 72m2 - $195,000
Unit 12 – 72m2 - $195,000
Unit 13 – 72m2 - $195,000
Unit 14 – 72m2 - $195,000
Unit 15 – 72m2 - $195,000
Unit 16 – 48m2 - $145,000
Unit 22 - 72m2 - $195,000
Unit 23 – 72m2 - $195,000
Unit 24 – 72m2 - $195,000
Unit 25 – 72m2 - $195,000
Unit 26 – 72m2 - $195,000
Unit 27 – 72m2 - $195,000
Unit 28 – 48 m2 - $145,000
Unit 29 – 52m2 - $165,000

Unit 30 – 104m2 - $285,000
Unit 31 – 104m2 - $285,000
Unit 32 – 104m2 - $285,000
Unit 33 – 104m2 - $285,000
Unit 34 – 104m2 - $285,000
Unit 35 – 104m2 - $290,000
Unit 36 – 104m2 - $290,000
Unit 37 – 104m2 - $325,000
Unit 38 – 160m2 - $425,000
Unit 39 – 160m2 - $395,000
Unit 40 – 160m2 - $395,000
Unit 41 – 160m2 - $395,000
Unit 42 – 160m2- $395,000


Words that describe SmartSpace

12 Industrial Close, Westdale Tamworth

  • Modern
  • Quality Finishes
  • Simple
  • Effective
  • Safe
  • Secure

Make it yours.

Around the area

Approx. Distances

Tamworth Regional Airport: 650m

Residential Housing: 3.5km

Tamworth Business Park: 3km

Westdale Post Office, IGA, Butcher: 5km

Westdale Public School: 3.5km

Thomas Foods: 350m

Teys: 400m

Intermodal Hub: 100m

About us

Agent Details

Stuart Watts

Licensed Agent

A highly successful professional, Stuart Watts is a licensed real estate agent In Tamworth, New South Wales. Stuarts real estate Career spans some 30 years and has successfully operated in Sydney as well as Tamworth in most facets of the Real estate Industry, Stuart has built a reputation as a strategic blue chip negotiator which gives him a definite advantage and wealth of local market knowledge as well as a rare insight into the community.

He feels a true passion for the Northwest of NSW and is incredibly excited at what the futures Holds for Tamworth. Stuart is a multi-award-winning salesperson being Ranked in the top 10 Real estate agents in the Professionals network Globally for several years.

Stuart has a strong kinship with the diverse and friendly people that live in Tamworth and its surrounds. Stuarts reputation as a highly skilled negotiator sets him apart from other agents, while he continually strives to achieve results with transparency, trust and integrity. Refreshingly down to earth, Stuart shows an unwavering dedication when it comes to helping his clients and is committed to building multi-generational relationships. He believes in treating everyone the same and feels it a great honour to be invited onto people's properties to share his knowledge and to help advise what is best in the sale of their asset. For an agent who will guarantee a service like no other, contact Stuart Watts today on 0455 031 619.

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