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Thank you for taking the time to consider our services. Here at {AgencyName} we take great pride in looking after your investment property and understand how important it is to choose an agency who will work to maximise your return on investment at every step of the way.

We’ve prepared this information to assist you in your decision making process by guiding your investment property journey with us, from leasing right through to the management of your valuable asset.

We have the process strategically planned from start to finish, so you wont have to worry, and can rest assured that your returns are maximised at each step of the way.

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50 Webb Street, East Gosford 2250

Price: $3,000 per month

Bed 3  |  Bath 2  |  Car 1

Days On Market: 12

Saepro culloratem quis eos endem volecture nient. Laudaepre plitat. Andem hil ius vollupid que essit est, quisqui deribus si corestet venit inte nimodic impore exceatibus renis solesto in re volori omnis et apicae nimet earitas dolecto offic

51 Webb Street, East Gosford 2250

Price: $3,000 per month

Bed 3  |  Bath 1  |  Car 2

Days On Market: 6

Saepro culloratem quis eos endem volecture nient. Laudaepre plitat. Andem hil ius vollupid que essit est, quisqui deribus si corestet venit inte nimodic impore exceatibus renis solesto in re volori omnis et apicae nimet earitas dolecto offic

Marketing Your Property

Database Marketing

Your property will be strategically matched to actively looking tenants with our sophisticated tenancy database. We will share and market your property with tenants who are looking in the right price range and location which gives you a head start on finding the best possible tenant.



Installation of a signboard is still a very effective way to attract tenants to your property. Where it is possible to install one, it can provide exposure to those tenants who may not actively be searching for a rental, but may be keen to live, or know someone who wants to live in that location.


Professional Photography

Having professional high quality photos is an essential part of your marketing campaign, we want to ensure that your property presents in its best light to prospective tenants and attracts them to come and see the property. A professional photographer is trained to achieve this by capturing the best aspects and views of your property.



Your property will receive its own dedicated listing page on our website. Our website received a significant amount of local traffic from tenants specifically looking for a certain type of property in the area. Along with all the photos and information about the property, it will also link them to easily book and apply for the property.



The majority of enquiry will come from your major real estate portals. We ensure your property is placed on those which attract the most enquiries which will generate great exposure for those looking for a property like yours, helping us to attract the best possible tenants.


Social Media & Email

The exposure of your property across all possible platforms is important, We share your property across our social media channels to provide exposure to those who may not be actively looking on the portals, but may just want a property like yours.


Total: $1,200

Preparing Your Property

It's a good idea to ensure that the property is in a good state of repair prior to marketing and leasing the property, ensuring that any required maintenance is undertaken and minor items such as paint touch ups are complete if applicable. We Remember a small repair now could save you a bigger problem in the future. We can put you in touch with a range of contractors if needed.

By ensuring your property is clean it will not only present in the best light for prospective tenants, it will attract a tenant who will be more likely to take care of the property and hand it back in the same condition. Don't forget carpets, curtains/blinds, fly screens, windows, the garage and more. We can help by arranging professional cleaners if required.

Like the cleaning, by ensuring the gardens are tidy and well kept (if applicable), it will present the property in its best light and provide a starting measure of how the tenant should keep the gardens during the tenancy. Don’t forget to clear out the gutters too if your property is a house.

Prospective tenants are more attracted to a well presented property, whilst you may not need to hire a stylist, do your best to make sure the property is looking good for any photos of viewings.

If you have the budget, you may wish to consider some cost effective ways to maximise the rent you may be able to achieve – things in a property that can demand a higher rental value and higher quality tenant include - new paint, updated carpet, modernise light fittings, add air-conditioning or heating. Larger renovations such as bathroom and kitchen are always desirable but of course that will depend on the budget and return that is able to demand. We will be able to provide advice around this based on our market knowledge.

If you currently reside in the property you'll need to let your insurer know that you’re planning to rent it out and adjust the policy accordingly to include appropriate landlords insurance cover. Tenants will need to obtain their own insurance to cover their contents and belongings.

There are a number of regulations required for the safe leasing of your property which may include pool fences, smoke alarms, stairs, railings, blinds, windows and water efficiency measures – all in place to minimise any potential risk. We will be able to provide advice on what may be required. 

Leasing Process


Appraise and Position

We will take the time to conduct a full market appraisal of your property and take into consideration its features and benefits against recent market comparable property. Using this information combined with extensive knowledge on tenant demand in this area we will be able to provide a price or price guide as to what is possible in the current market and beyond.

If you have a price goal in mind we can of course take this into consideration and provide the best possible advice on how we can work towards this goal. During the marketing of your property we keep a close eye on all trends and data to ensure your property stays accurately priced for the market.


Property Preparation and Photos

We will guide you through the steps to prepare your property to present in the best possible light to attract the best possible tenant, this may include cleaning, repairs and touch ups, or may be as simple as a bit of decluttering to best present the property for photos and viewings.

The majority of enquiry now comes from online sources so we will arrange photos of your property to showcase your investment in the best light online and entice tenant interest.


Advertise and Market

Our marketing plan includes the advertising of your property on major real estate portals. We ensure that your property is placed online fast and accurately to start attracting tenants as quickly as possible, this will include a detailed description, photos and possibly floorplans and videos if available.

We also utilise a range of other sources to maximise the changes of finding your ideal tenant including utilising our extensive tenancy database and installing signboards where possible.

We will collect enquiries from all sources, respond to them fast and invite them to inspect.


Show and Sell

Our plan will revolve around showing the property to all interested parties which may include open for inspections and / or private appointments at times that suit the prospective tenants.

When showing the property we are trained to ensure that we are selling not just the features, but also the benefits of living at the property, and all prospective tenant information is collected to ensure that we can follow up all interested tenants to guide them on how to apply for the property.


Apply and Approve

We not only make it easy for tenants to apply for property with us by offering easy online applications, but we then conduct a range of very detailed reference checks to go over each application with a fine tooth comb.

These checks will include checking of any property and employment references, as well as reviewing the affordability and ability of that tenant to pay the rent ongoing. We also ensure the checks are in place that they are the best tenant to look after the property and return it in the best possible condition.

Our systems ensure this is conducted thoroughly but also fast as we understand the rental market moves quickly. All checked applications will be run by you for final consideration and approval before securing the tenancy for you.


Secure and Prepare for Tenancy

Once your new tenant is approved and secured, we will begin the process of arranging all paperwork required to be signed and arranging any bond payments and rent required prior to tenancy.

We also conduct a very thorough condition report to record the state of the property room by room as a reference from when the tenant moves in to when they move out. Keys are also arranged and a copy of what will be handed over is recorded to ensure the same is returned at the end of the tenancy.

A meeting is arranged with the tenant to go over any outstanding paperwork and handover the keys. This meeting will allow us to cover off expectations for the tenancy ahead including rental payments, maintenance requests and more.

Ideal Leasing Timeline

Off Market Promotion to Tenancy Database

1st Jul 2020

We will contact everyone in our tenancy database that may be interested in a property like yours to let them know we have a new property that may be of interest, and invite them to register that interest with us ahead of the property being advertised.

Photography / Floorplans / Copywriting

2nd Jul 2020

We will have our photographer attend the property to conduct a shoot with X photos of the property. They will take premium images of the main areas of the property and supply them to us to prepare the advertisement. We will finalise the copy for the advertisement for your approval.

Property Goes Live

4th Jul 2020

The property will be sent live on all major portals, our website and blasted out to our wider tenancy database to generate additional interest. We will start to collect enquiries and advise them of the upcoming inspection time/s

First Open Home

The open for inspection time will be advertised on all major portals and our website as well as shared with all interested parties. All attendees details will be recorded in order to be able to follow up and share the application process with them.

Tenancy Applications Review

9th Jul 2020

We will review all received applications received to ensure they are suitable for the property and determine a short list of applicants. We will then conduct very thorough reference checks and provide recommendations on the best applicant/s

Approval and Documentation

10th Jul 2020

Provided a suitable application has selected and approved, we will proceed to secure that tenant. This will involve arranging paperwork and funds required to finalise the process.

Management Process


Tenant Move In

We will support you and the tenant to have everything ready on their preferred move in date. Upon handing over the keys and the tenant taking occupancy we will ensure all records are internally up to date and prepared for a successful tenancy ahead.

The tenants will be kept in touch with to ensure their move went well, and to ensure they have things in place for their rental payments following the initial monies due.

We will lodge the bond with the relevant authority and keep detailed records on file.


Rental Income Management

From the very first payment to the last we will utilise our training and systems to ensure that rental payments are always made on time. We will be onto any late payments straight away and working with all tenants to minimse any arrears via a combination of communication methods.

Notices will be provided where required and you will be kept in the loop should any issues arise with the tenant’s payments including escalation advice in the unlikely event that should occur.

Funds will be paid into your nominated bank account at the agreed times and statements will be emailed to you each month for you (or your accountant) to reference any income or approved expenditure.


Periodical Inspections

Your first inspection will be conducted within the first three months of tenancy. This is vitally important to ensure that the tenant is taking care of the property from the start. You will receive a detailed report on this inspection and can even attend the inspection if you wish.

Following that we will conduct ongoing periodical inspections of the property (bearing in mind the legislation around the number of allowed inspections). This inspections and reports will also outline any required maintenance to ensure the property is maintained to a good standard, and we may provide recommendations for ways to add value to your property.


Repairs and Maintenance

We will receive and analyse any requests for maintenance from the tenant to determine their urgency and necessity. Depending on how involved you wish to be, you can be involved in approving all maintenance, or give us a pre-determined limit to work with to ensure fast repair work can be conducted. Either way you’ll be kept in the loop of what is requested and/or required at your property.

We have a range of licensed and insured tradesmen at the ready to assist us promptly and economically.


Review and Renew

We have the end of lease dates diarised and systems in place to ensure we conduct a review ahead of those dates to review the tenancy, rent and identify opportunities and intentions on renewing the lease.

You will be contacted at this point to review the tenancy as well as seek your intentions on whether the lease should be renewed and a review of the rent to identify if any increase is possible at that point in time.

Following this we will identify if the tenants would like to renew the tenancy too and work with both parties to negotiate the best possible outcomes including issuing rent increases and resigning new tenancy agreements.


Vacate and Re-lease

If the tenant is not staying on for whatever reason, we will prepare for and facilitate a smooth vacate with the tenant, and re-commence the leasing process to find a new tenant.

The vacate process will include a final inspection to ensure that the property is returned in the same condition it was provided to the tenancy in – allowing for fair wear and tear.

Provided there are no issues and no funds owing the bond can be refunded to the tenant. If there are any discrepancies we will work with all parties to resolve this as soon as possible.


We have conducted a review of your property and taken into consideration current market conditions. Based on this as well as the current demand in the area for a property like yours, we believe the possible rent for your property would be:

$400-$450 per week

Our Services

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“The team at AGENT NAME were so thorough and efficient. They made the whole process seem easy and soon found me the ideal tenant.”
Client Name
“We have a high value investment property and were very cautious about the type of tenant who was selected. AGENT NAME were excellent and put all our fears to rest. Through their database, they were able to find a large number of potential tenants who were suitable. Their vetting process was thorough and we are very happy with the results.”
Client Name
“LEAD STAFF MEMBER from AGENT NAME was brilliant in all our dealings. She understands our local market and took the time to explain her pricing recommendation and what needed to be done to secure a long term, quality tenant. The whole process was easy and stress-free.”
Client Name

Ella Madden
Property Management
Jorde Smith
Amy Jeffs
Property Management
Roger Travis
Property Management

Thank you

Thank you for considering our investment property management services. Please reach out with any questions you may have and we look forward to taking the next steps of your journey together.


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