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Dear John Smith


Thanks for the opportunity to appraise your property and to demonstrate Image Property’s approach to your real estate needs. It would be our pleasure to represent you and work with you.

Listing your property for sale should not be an overwhelming experience. We pride ourselves on the processes we use to create the most streamlined and effective campaigns that achieve premium results.

The following information outlines our process and the best approach for listing your property, based on our experience. We trust that the information we present here will help you make an informed decision to realise your future plans.

We look forward to partnering with you to achieve your property goals.

Chris Henry Dee Martin
Managing Director Head of Property Management
0429 640 735 02 4934 4111
teamhenry@riverrealty.com.au deemartin@riverrealty.com.au

Real Estate Academy

Working for you


XYZ Property believes that real estate is about people, and more importantly about you – our investors and vendors.

All property owners and investors want market knowledge, communication and transparency – values upon which we have built our business. We pride ourselves on working in the best interests of our valued clients.

Whether connecting you with 5-star tenants, managing your rental property and income, or selling your property, we do so with experience and enthusiasm.

With 10 years of experience in the property market, we work with over 2,000 property investors Australia wide.

Our committed staff are trained in the latest technology and best industry practice to continue our market-leading service for investors, home owners and tenants.

Agent Profile

Agent Details

Chris Henry

Managing Director/Licensed Real Estate Agent

Agent Details

Dee Martin

Director / Head of Property Management / Licensee in charge

Client Reviews

123 Fake Street Brisbane

"Dee and Chris did a fantastic job with the sale and overseeing of my property. I could not recommend them enough! Their customer service was amazing."

John Smith

33 Webb Street Gosford

"Dee and Chris did a fantastic job with the sale and overseeing of my property. I could not recommend them enough! Their customer service was amazing."

John Smith



Chris Henry

Managing Director/Licensed Real Estate Agent

Your Property Campaign

Open House Inspections


Throughout the campaign, open house inspections will be held on consecutive Saturdays, while mid-week inspections can be arranged when required. On occasions it may be necessary to show the property outside the scheduled inspection times. Private inspections will be arranged with your prior consent and with as much notice as possible.

We make a point of speaking directly with every potential purchaser about recent sales in the area and helping them to understand:

  • Specific aspects of the property
  • Why the property is a good match to their requirements
  • Why the property represents good value compared to other properties available
  • Why they should be prepared to stretch their budget and pay a premium price to have the opportunity to own the property.


At every open house inspection we guarantee:

  • Every name and number will be recorded
  • Every buyer is called back
  • We will arrive 10 minutes early and allow for at least 10 minutes after the open for late buyers

Agent communication

During the marketing preparation stage of your campaign, we will communicate with you to arrange the marketing team to visit your property.

Once the property is launched to the market, we will be in regular communication by phone, email and face to face where possible to inform you of buyer feedback, the level of enquiry and the number of interested parties.

Our experience shows clients greatly appreciate being kept fully informed of the progress of their campaigns. After every private inspection and open house inspection we will phone you to report on attendance, contracts issued, repeat visits and buyer feedback. Keeping our clients well informed means that they can make informed decisions on offers made.

Buyer management

Our aim is to encourage as many qualified buyers to inspect your property as possible. We receive enquiries by both phone and email – all enquiries are attended to and answered immediately while the property is fresh in a buyer’s mind. All buyers are booked into our open home times and receive automated message reminders the day before and the morning of their booked inspection time.


Offers during the sale process are welcomed (unless instructed otherwise by you) and presented to you in detail to ensure that you have every opportunity to sell at the maximum price.

Should we secure a buyer that is ready and able to move on your property, we will provide them with a contract for sale and have them complete the document

Progress Reports

Each week a written report will be emailed to you containing all the information that you need to know and detailing potential buyer input on the property and its value as well as scanned copies of offers and contracts. In conjunction with each report, strategic meetings will also be conducted throughout the campaign for accurate market updates.

Pricing Your Property

At XYZ Property we aim to provide the most accurate and realistic market estimate possible. We examine every comparable sale to provide you with factual information before recommending a price guide to competitively market your property.


Price Comparisons

We understand every property is different. Since exact comparisons are often hard to find we have developed a plus and minus formula to calculate the differences between homes. When comparing with another property we consider the following;

  • Condition
  • Construction
  • Configuration
  • Size
  • Age


Market Indicators

Before arriving at our best and most accurate market estimate we look at current market indicators;

  • State of the market
  • Stock levels
  • Current level of buyer activity
  • Social and political trends

Your Target Buyers

Our strong relationships combined with an extensive quality database of buyers allows us to confidently assure you that we will secure a suitable purchaser.


Based on our assessment of your property and current buyer trends, we believe that your property will appeal to:

  • Target Market Type 1
  • Target Market Type 2
  • Target Market Type 3

We believe that these buyers are most likely currently residing in the following areas:

  • Buyer Area Type 1
  • Buyer Area Type 2
  • Buyer Area Type 3

Understanding Buyer Behaviour

Crucial to the success of the sale is a clear understanding of how buyers behave. There are three typical buyer behaviours. Understanding these behaviours creates the foundation for how we communicate the property to the market place, ensuring we attract optimum number of potential buyers who will ultimately compete to pay a premium price for your property

  1. Buyers Start Logical and Become Emotional

    Buyers generally enter the market with a clear and logical list of personal requirements for their future property. However, when they ultimately purchase, their choice of property is most often based on emotion rather than logic. Therefore, it is vital that we identify and showcase the features of the property that are most likely to spark the emotions of buyers.

  2. Buyers Want To Exclude Properties From Their List

    Buyers are time poor. They look at real estate advertising and come up with a list of possibilities. Then they short list taking the time to only inspect properties that fit their time requirements, wants and needs, as well as being within their budget. Therefore, we need to ensure that we promote the property in a manner to ensure that we create the broadest possible appeal.

  3. Buyers Buy Up

    Buyers typically pay up to 10% more for their properties than they had initially intended to spend when they first start looking. For this reason, we need to ensure that our pricing strategy encourages all potential buyers to inspect and then commit to the property rather than exclude it from their short list.

Preparing Your Property

In the increasingly competitive property market, property presentation has become a critical part of marketing homes.


Our goal is to enable each property to attract a wide and deep market of interested clients which will help us to achieve a premium campaign result. Once someone falls in love with your property, the price becomes secondary and excellent results can be achieved.

Upon inspecting your home, we recommend the following:

Your Timeline

Off-Market Campaign

2nd Mar 2019

Short description

Photography / Floorplans / Copy writing

3rd Mar 2019

Short description

1st Open House

4th Mar 2019

Short description


5th Mar 2019

Short description

Possible Settlement

6th Mar 2019

Short description

Live to Market

7th Mar 2019

Short description

Fee Structure

When you select Image Property to represent your property in the market place, our commitment to the successful sale of your property is guaranteed.


Our fee for successfully negotiating the sale of your property is xxx (exclusive of GST) of the eventual sale price.

This fee includes and is not limited to the following services:


Preparation and implementation of a custom designed marketing campaign

  • Project management of any proposed works
  • Preparation and placement of media advertising by our marketing department
  • Liaising between the marketing suppliers and yourself
  • Service and handling of all enquiries
  • Attending all private appointments and open house inspections
  • Organising and attending building and pest inspections & bank valuations
  • Handling the exchange of contracts and solicitor correspondence

How to Engage our Services

Visit our Website or fill in the form below to be contact by someone in our office.

Book a Web Books Demo

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Thank You

At the heart of every successful sale is the ability to secure the highest price and the best terms on your behalf.


Our negotiation strategies and methods ensure that we deliver the outcomes to you

In order for us to proceed to a sale, we would recommend the following:

  • Finalise the appointment of Image Property as exclusive agents for your home
  • Approve and sign the marketing campaign and the Agency Agreement
  • Set a commencement date for the marketing
  • Contact your solicitor or conveyancer to prepare the contract for sale. Prior to offering the property for sale, the Property Stock and Business Agents Act requires that we are in possession of a sale contract.

Please allow us to demonstrate to you our capabilities in marketing, negotiating and selling your property. Our achievements in delivering outstanding results speak for themselves and by appointing our formidable team you will be assured the optimum result.

Thank you again for the opportunity to provide to you our recommendation.


Agent Details

Chris Henry

Managing Director/Licensed Real Estate Agent

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