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Selling Proposal and Plan for:

57 Robinsons Road, Vic 3199


Dear John Smith,

Thank you for the opportunity to be involved in the appraisal of your property. Our initial meeting has enabled me to achieve a clear understanding of your needs and specific property goals that you would like to achieve with the sale of your property.

The Complete Selling Plan that we discussed, I believe is the most effective model for achieving the best outcome. During our time together I made a commitment to you that I would consolidate all the information we discussed into a full proposal, which I have now completed.

This proposal will cover the following areas:

  • Property Pricing
  • Selling Plan
  • Marketing Strategy and Investment
  • Property Preparation Checklist
  • Surrounding Sales and Market Results
  • Weekly Communication
  • Time-line and Actions

This document will navigate our journey with you towards a successful sale. By putting this proposal, quote, and the terms of sale, in writing you will
know exactly what it is that we would be doing on your behalf should you engage our company as your chosen agent to represent you.

Our commitment is to keep you fully informed of every step of the process to achieve an excellent result in the active market. We look forward to
your response to this proposal and your decision to engage our services.

Kind regards,
Dee Martin, River Realty

Property Pricing

Price at which the Property is to be offered (including GST, if any): $375,000

Recommended method of sale: Private Treaty

Agent’s opinion as to current estimated selling price (or price range): $375,000-$405,000

(This opinion is not to be construed as a valuation)

Agents fee as discussed: N/A

Property Details

57 Robinsons Road, Vic 3199

4 Beds

456 sqm Living

5 Baths

654 sqm Land

6 Cars

Comparable Property Report

79 Burlington Easmrtly Townington View St

Sold Date
Sold Price
500 sqm

102 West St

Sold Date
Sold Price
500 sqm

98 Hayaberry St

Sold Date
Sold Price
500 sqm

225 West St

Sold Date
Sold Price
500 sqm

The Complete Selling Plan

In order to achieve the best result we have broken the selling process into three simple steps that we believe will provide the most effective structure in selling your property. Creating energy around the property is what attracts the best purchasers early. Solid marketing to our confirmed and registered database in addition to the promotional campaign will ensure that everything possible is being done to provide the comfort and security that your property is sold for its greatest price in the time-frame that is acceptable to you.

The following table is a summary of the selling plan I have demonstrated to you.


Step 1 - Behind the Scenes Step 2 - On the Market Step 3 - Results and Decisions
Photography Signboard and Internet launch Marketplace Reports
Creative Development Distribution Marketing Possible Offers
Contract of Sale Database Appointments Negotiation Process
Database Notification Interest and Price Guide Report Confirmation of Sale and Price
Coming Soon Campaign and pre marketing preview Media and Press Release and Open for Inspections Sale and Awaiting Settlement

Marketing Strategy and Investment

Publication Item Size Cost
Administration Just listed letterbox drops, database email 23mm $100
Internal 6 Internet Sites inc. realestate.com.au size 2 $200
Floorplan Floor plan & site plan colour size 3 $3,400
Photography (Get Flashed) Day Photography (unlimited shots) size 4 $600
Brochures 4 page brochure with floorplan x 50 & window size 5 c5
Frankston Leader Double Module size 6 c6
Frankston Leader Single Module size 7 c7
Photoboard - Property Photoboard 5x7 size 8 c8
9a 9b size 9 c9
10a 10b size 10 c10
11a 11b size 11 c11


Essential Marketing Launch


As part of our commitment to your property we will be doing the following essential marketing.

  • Placing your property in our window display
  • Launching the property on our multiple websites
  • Writing a feature editorial for the local press
  • Sending bulk communications via email and SMS to all registered buyers
  • A local Just Listed property brochure followed by phone call

Property Preparation Checklist

The presentation of your property is a key part of a buyer’s first impression. Ensuring your property looks its best, prior to photographs being taken and before each open house, will give you the best opportunity to achieve an outstanding result. In order to help you with this, we’ve put together a small list of ideas that you may want to consider when presenting your property.



Always ensure that lawns are freshly cut and edged - Place fresh mulch on the garden beds - Neatly trim trees around windows and doors - Remove any clutter or rubbish from around the exterior of the house - Ensure garden hoses are neat and tidy.

Always empty bins and keep them out of site, if possible - Where possible, clean windows/glass on the exterior of your property - Make sure you keep garden hedges trimmed - Place additional plants to fill garden beds, where needed - Clean out any visible storage under the house, where applicable - Finalise any small painting jobs on the home or surrounding structures.



Remove any clutter to give a minimalist and welcoming feel - Ensure internal windows/glass/screens are clean, including mirrors - Wipe down window sills and clean out sliding door tracks - Steam clean carpeted areas, where possible - Check for and clean any marks on internal walls - Paint or re-paint walls, if necessary - Ensure kitchen cook tops and benches are wiped clean - Wash or replace curtains/blinds, where required - Remove dust build-up or spider webs, if applicable - Make sure all light globes and fittings are in working order.

Pest and Building

A Pest and Building Inspection is an option for someone selling their property. In the majority of cases, a buyer will be advised by their solicitor to do both prior to exchange.

When going to auction it is recommended to do your own Pest and Building reports to ensure there are no issues with your home prior to the
marketing campaign starting. It also is beneficial to be able to pass these on to any of the interested parties during the campaign.

Please understand these are merely suggestions to assist you in achieving the very best result possible. If you need any help with the presentation of your home or need external help with getting any work completed, please don’t hesitate to call me.

Weekly Meeting Agenda and Property Results

I like to track my properties weekly as in my experience this is a manageable time-frame to ensure every base is covered along the way and we are constantly moving towards a successful outcome. Please see below a table of results that is a running numbers report of your property.

Days on Market 23 Contract Issued 4
Virtual Inspections 178 Second Inspections 6
Email Enquiries 95 Offers 1
Groups Inspected 30 Interested Parties 4

Meeting Agenda

What has happened so far?
  Do you feel we are communicating enough?
  How has the process compared to your expectations?
  Summary of what needs to be done to achieve you a result


I will meet with you every week to discuss and monitor every step of your auction process and will do everything I can to help you achieve a successful result.

Keep this agenda while your property is listed for sale and use it to refer to and help identify any other topics that you may wish to discuss.

Where To From Here

The following check list will navigate your journey with us towards a solid understanding of every important step of the real estate process.

With the checklist complete you can move on with your plans. We would then thank you for the opportunity for being your agent and hope we have earned the right to be referred to your family and friends.

In today’s real estate industry the only indication we have that we are completely qualified to sell real estate is your satisfaction and testimonial.

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