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Inspections & Comments 

Date Type Name Offer Y/N $ Indications
09/09 Private Inspection Kelly Smith Y $799,000
Would prefer a single story dwelling. Likes the position close to the school for the kids
07/08 Private Inspection John Smith N $350,000
Loved the outlook and size of bedrooms. Bringing the family back through this week



  • The house is very clean and well presented
  • Large bedrooms over looking the reserve out the back has been a stand out


  • Ensuite would be expected with this type of property
  • Noise from the freeway has been mentioned on a couple of occasions

Progress Highlights

  • 10/09/2016 The owner has knocked back an offer in week 1 as their neighbour felt it was worth more
  • 12/09/2016 5 contracts have been sent out at the last open home


Interested Parties

Kelly Smith

  • Loved the concrete dolphin.
  • Will inspect more properties.

Norm Robertson

  • Has requested a contact.
  • Loved the fully fenced backyard for family pet.
  • Requested another appointment to bring the family through.

Completed Tasks

Date Description Activity
2019-09-09 Invitations Sent Email
2019-09-09 Event Open home booked
2019-09-09 Sign Board Erected



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