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Pre-Registering & Signing an Authority to Bid Electronically


With our consumer friendly Online Friendly Auction System, priority will be given to those who have pre-registered in the case of any negotiations prior to auction, changes in price guide, contract conditions, or auction date.

  • If you are qualified to buy and able to perform under the standard terms of the NSW contract for sale, then you can pre-register in a matter of minutes.
  • If you would like to request any changes to the contract conditions to assist you in being able to purchase, you will just need to note these in writing as part of your pre-registration process and your Friendly Auction Agent can seek approval for you to bid or negotiate under these conditions.

Even if you intend on attempting to purchase prior to the auction date and not bid on auction day, you will still need to pre-register in order to be given equal timing and priority as those others who have pre-registered. This is the simplest and fairest process to ensure a level playing field and that the simple preparation work required to bid prior to auction date, or on auction date are taken care of for the benefit of allowing a smooth transaction for buyer and seller.

Please find below instructions to pre-register yourself for an auction and giving someone the authority to bid on your behalf. Similarly, if you are bidding on behalf of a Company, Superfund or Trust, you will need to give yourself authority in the same manner.

  1. Head to AuctionNow and create an account.
  2. Locate the property you need to register for via the ‘Auction Search’ function.
  3. Select ‘Register to Bid’ and complete all fields. Please make the appropriate selection under ‘Who is going to be bidding?’ and complete the details for this party. To agree to the Terms & Conditions, you will need to first select ‘Please read and agree to Terms and Conditions’ and then select ‘Agree’.
  4. After clicking submit, you will be directed to upload proof of identification.
  5. If you already have a written bidding authority letter, you can attach a copy of it via the ‘Upload Signed Authority to Bid Letter’ button.
  6. If you would like to generate and sign a bidding authority electronically, select ‘By Email’ and click on ‘Generate Authority to Bid Letter and Request Signatures’. You will receive an email from DocuSign. Once signed, the authority letter will be saved to your registration.
  7. The listing agent will then receive your registration request and if approved, you will receive an email confirmation of your registration

About Friendly Auctions

Thank you for expressing interest in joining our upcoming live streaming Friendly Auction.

Pre-Registrations can be made from the moment you are intersted in the property. Please SMS the agent for the exclusive link. More details below on how to register.

The auction will take place on the AuctionNow website via live streaming.

It’s important to have had your solicitor or conveyancer read and approve your contract of sale, as well as your lender give you advice around attending and bidding at auction. Please let us know if you need assistance with either of these, it's our job to contact them if required and work through any issues.

If there is to be more than one of you entering into the purchase you will need to fill out the necessary documents when pre-registering on AuctionNow.You can also bid on the telephone if needed.

See the Pre-Registering section below for more information.

Thank you for reading, the most important thing is to communicate prior to the night, and we are here to help you with your property purchase.

Tips for Bidding at Auction


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Accredited Legal Specialists (Solicitors and Conveyancers)

These reputable solicitors and conveyancers are part of our panel due to the range of criteria that includes;

  • Being proactive and willing to talk to and see clients in a timely manner, often after hours
  • Being willing to look at contracts prior to Auction and provide advice on these without any charges to you as the client if you don't proceed to purchase the property or are unsuccessful at auction
  • Being reasonably priced in relation to other reputable firms.

Please bear in mind a lot of advice can be given over the phone with maybe one (if any) face to face meetings required, so the locations of each of the below isn't too critical, choose the one you're most comfortable with.

Accredited Pest & Building Inspectors

These reputable Pest & Building Inspectors are part of our panel due to the range of criteria that includes;

  • Being proactive and willing to talk to and see clients in a timely manner, often after hours
  • Being reasonably priced in relation to other reputable companies
  • Allows transfer of warranty associated with the report to the successful buyer at auction or within 14 days of the auction date, therefore allowing buyers to have the same assurances and protection they would have if they were purchasing the report themselves.

Deft Pay Deposit Payment Option


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Deposit Payment Options

It is understood that to purchase at auction you will need to provide a 10% deposit (if you require any flexibility to the deposit arrangement (5%) please let the agent know asap and we can work on a solution to assist you).

There are several deposit options available to you.

  • A bank cheque is preferable. The cheque is to be made payable to

Presence Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Central Coast & Hunter Sales Trust Account

Important Note: A personal cheque cannot be used.

It is often asked “how much do I need to bring as a deposit if I don’t know what it will sell for?”

Great question, and the answer is this:

  • Bring a 10% cheque for the MAXIMUM amount you would be comfortable bidding on the night, and if you do happen to be the successful bidder for a lower figure, the balance can be transferred back to you by our accounts department with written confirmation from you solicitor(i.e. if you intended a hypothetical max bid of $750,000 then you will need a $75,000 (10%) deposit cheque made out to Presence Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Central Coast & Hunter Sales Trust Account.
  • We also can accommodate an electronic transfer of funds using DEFT Auction Pay. This is a cheque-free, safe and secure way to pay your deposit at auction. Please see below for a video with further information.
    The last option is to transfer the funds in our trust account 4 days prior to the auction so the funds are cleared in the account .

Click the links below for more information regarding this easy payment method and bank account details.

About Us

Located in the heart of the Newcastle and Lake Macquarie region, Presence Real Estate exemplifies tailored service and community integration. Every aspect of what we do-and don't do-is finely tuned to the unique needs and lifestyle of our local community. As exclusive platinum members of the Real Estate Results Network (RER), the only agency in our region to hold this distinction, we demonstrate an unwavering commitment to excellence. Our investment in higher-standard marketing, utilising cutting-edge techniques and technologies, positions us at the forefront of the real estate industry.

But our commitment goes beyond property transactions; it's a dedication to the community we cherish. We've channeled unprecedented resources into team development, client services, local suppliers, and community initiatives, reflecting our desire to be more than just a real estate agency. Presence Real Estate's mission is to serve and elevate the Newcastle and Lake Macquarie region with integrity, innovation, and a relentless pursuit of excellence, fostering growth and creating positive impacts throughout the community.


Our values define who we are as an organisation. They influence the way we work with our team and the way we service our clients and engage with the community.


We treat colleagues and customers in a manner which demonstrates integrity, honesty and fairness. We are engaged and congruent. We are ambassadors for the business. We listen to others and be open to ideas.


We believe there is a better way to do real estate where everybody wins. We are agents of change, we create change with purpose. We create opportunities for team, our clients and ourselves. We embrace change. We are prepared to back ourselves and think differently. We never rest on our laurels. We want to redefine our benchmarks.


We step outside our comfort zone. We make decisions and we ask the questions or for help. We speak to source and we speak up. We own our attitudes and behaviours. We don’t ignore what is not right. We take control and we have courageous conversations.


We believe there is more than enough for everyone. We share our knowledge and skills with others. We are grateful. We set our goals and we celebrate our successes.


We perform to our ‘highest and best use’. We learn our craft, we share our skills. We swim in our own lanes with no distractions. We lead by example. We are accountable for our role and responsibilities.

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