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Web Books Proposal

Prepared by Jane Citizen

Customer Care Consultant

Ph: 1300 733 804

63 Webb St, East Gosford, NSW 2250


Web Books Information

Click Here to visit the 'Web Book Information Pack'

Investment Details

Total Investment - $2,095 for the first year

Consists of the following;

Web Books Activation - $895

What’s included;

  • Custom ‘Branded’ Web Book System
  • One Feature Template
  • One hour online training upon receiving system

Annual Subscription - $1,200**

What's included;

  • Phone support
  • Access and Hosting per annum
  • Version upgrades

**Payable over a minimum 12 month payment plan ($100 p/m)

Additional Feature Templates - $895 each

See the feature templates we have available in the section below.

Special Custom Templates - $1900 each

See the special feature templates we have available in the section below.


Web Books - Individual

Feature Template

Do It For You

$80 ea

How to Get Started

To activate Web Books you can simply choose one of the following options;

  1. Contact our Web Books team on 1300 733 804
  2. Visit our website (using link below) to finalise your order
  3. Send us an email at wbsupport@realestatedesign.com.au and will be in contact.

Once we have your authority and you have finalised your payment method we will commence the process of design & development of your very own system.


Click Here to visit our Website & purchase web books

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