What is Web Books?

Web Books is an online marketing & communication tool used for developing documents, that look fantastic yet do not need the skills or cost of designers. 

Web Books can be sent to your receiver or audience as a link needing no additional technology to view.

As a link, Web Books takes minimal storage space at a fraction of the average email attachment even with multiple videos the size stays the same.

Web Books is a fast, efficient, stylish and effective way of communicating - marketing plans, reports and training. It's easy to navigate, allowing viewers to go directly to a section within the document without leaving the page.

This build it yourself Web Book system can hold text, photos, images, video, checklists, and store other links and PDF downloads. The system includes a pdf storage/linking facility allowing you to upload contracts, floor plans etc.


Total Investment - $2,095 for the first year

Consists of the following;

Web Books Activation - $895

What’s included;

  • Custom ‘Branded’ Web Book System
  • One Feature Template
  • One hour online training upon receiving system


Annual Subscription - $1,200**

What's included;

  • Phone support
  • Access and Hosting per annum
  • Version upgrades

**Payable over a minimum 12 month payment plan ($100 p/m)


Additional Feature Templates - $895 each

See the feature templates we have available in the section below.


Special Custom Templates - $1900 each

See the special feature templates we have available in the section below.

Feature Templates

Our library of Feature Templates are a series of web book templates that have had application specific custom modifications. This means that they are designed with a particular purpose in mind. 


Additional Feature Templates (Optional) - $895 each

On purchase of your Custom Web Book System you can add an additional feature template.


Click below to see an example of each template;


Special Custom Templates - $1900

Let's see what Agents are building with Web Books

Web Books is an amazing platform for you to build online documents for unlimited applications. We see some very creative ideas come from Web Books users, some of which can be viewed below.


What is Robot Marketing?

Robot Marketing provides the opportunity for you to introduce into your campaigns, a keyword that can be SMS to your own unique number. On receipt of the pre-defined keyword, your 'Robot' responds with an automated SMS linked to that keyword, included in that reply SMS is a link to a web book.

Equally as important as the high quality information being sent back to the consumer, you have captured their mobile mobile for follow up, knowing property is on their mind..... capturing self registered data is the key to having quality conversations at the right time.


Now let's think of some applications.....

The Signboard

Each of your listings could now include the phrase... "For instant property specifications, SMS the word XXXX to 04XX XXX XXX"

The DL Campaign

Run a campaign that might say... "for access to the latest Market Report, SMS the word XXX to 04XX XXX XXX"

​The most effective bus shelter ad

Rather than the very common phrase "thinking of selling" maybe try something the resonates with the consumer.... "want to maximum the profit in the sale of your home? SMS the word XXX to 04XX XXX XXX"


How do you activate Robot Marketing?
  • IntelliSMS will provide you with your very own unique virtual mobile number. This is the number you would advertise as the SMS in number
  • The investment for your virtual number starts from $25 per month
  • In addition to your monthly investment, you will require SMS credits. These credits are what facilitates the reply. As a guide, SMS credits are typically around 10c per standard SMS however purchasing in bundles may provide for a reduced rate.
  • Once your mobile account is established, we can integrate into your web books system to allow for easy creation of keywords and automated reply messages. You can also retrieve the captured 'self registered' mobile number from your web books system.


Contact - Justin Cardillo (IntelliSMS)

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 1300 015 013

Mobile: 0468 884 606

How Do I Get Started?

To activate Web Books you can simply choose one of the following options;

  1. Contact our Web Books team on 1300 733 804
  2. Visit our website (using link below) to finalise your order
  3. Send us an email at [email protected] and we will be in contact.

Once we have your authority and you have finalised your payment method we will commence the process of design & development of your very own system.

Web Books is an online, digital communication and marketing tool which allows you to ‘shrink wrap’ all of your marketing content into one live, online document.

Your custom Web Books system is branded to you or your organisation upon purchase. This then means each ‘Web Book’ you create automatically is branded and designed, you just need to input the content that you want to be displayed.

Web Books users all receive the 'How to Build a Web Book' Web Book placed in their system upon receiving their log in details. Furthermore, as part of your investment, you also receive a 1 hour personal, online training with one of our Web Books experts as well as ongoing support.

Web Books offers a more flexible printing option direct from the browser without the need to write a pdf. With a custom layout set for each template component and unrequired items such as the navigation bar hidden, the printing option more accurately reflects changes an agent might choose to make to individual web book content such as the addition or deletion of components and amendments to the standard template layout. We do advise however that this then should not replace your traditional printed marketing as Web Books is designed to be online, live and multimedia.

Click Here to see full pricing options.

Web Books is completely live and customisable. Once your Web Book link goes live, you are able to update and change as you see fit. The changes you make are instantly implemented with no need to re-send the link.

We are constantly updating and improving the Web Books system and its features, we have a dedicated team whom are constantly looking at new and exciting ways that the system can better serve the Web Books community. This is definitely a feature we are currently investigating and will be looking to implement in the future.

Each Web Book created has an individual URL (web address). This means anybody with an internet connection can access your Web Book. With this in mind, you would be likely to be sending your live Web Book URL via e-mail or SMS, basically anywhere the reader can access the link to you Web Book.

The best way to see this is that where Marketing is concerned, Web Books is the content you want to deliver to people and Robot Marketing is the vehicle you use to deliver it. What is often frustrating though is the requirement to be using two separate systems in order to effectively achieve this. With Web Books however you are able to not only create your content, but also set up Robot SMS campaigns using an IntelliSMS ‘Virtual Number’. Within the Web Books System you can create your keywords, auto response and shorten your URL’s using Bitly to avoid using more credits than is required. For full information on what Robot Marketing is and how to use it, please Click Here.

Yes, the Web Books you create a completely mobile responsive. Regardless of whether you view a Web Book on a computer, tablet or smart phone the display will automatically adjust to suit whatever device is being used.

Web Books links do not expire. If you no longer required a particular Web Book, you can manually delete it.

No, Web Books is 100% online. All that you are required to have is a live internet connection. All your purchased templates and created Web Books are hosted on our servers within Australia, this means that you can access anything within your system from any machine, from any location.

We generally advise that once your standard design content (branding, logo etc.) has been provided, it can take 1-2 days for your custom system to be ready to be used.

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